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Looking to accept card payments?

Whether you’re a new in business or new to taking card payments, we can supply you with a simple debit and credit card processing solution that’s perfect for your business.

As the UK’s largest merchant service provider, we help businesses across the country get started with credit and debit processing every day.

Looking to switch providers?

If you’re one of the many thousands of businesses hit by increasing debit and credit card processing card rates every year, it’s time to switch to the only UK provider that offers capped rates.

We make switching from your current credit card processing provider as easy as possible and on average businesses that switch with us save up to 40% on their card processing.

Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff looks forward to serving you!

Our credit and debit card processing solutions

Card machines

Our card terminals are easy-to-use and built to last, and can help your business both increase profits and improve sales performance.

Pay by phone

With a virtual card terminal, you can process your customers’ card payments customers directly over phone. 


We can provide everything you need to take card payments through your website within 24 hours. 

Why it pays to accept card payments

More UK purchases are made using cards than with cheques and cash combined. If you’re not accepting card payments, you could be turning away valuable business. Explore new commercial opportunities by opening a merchant account with us.

Increase your turnover

Attract more customers

If you don’t accept card payments your customers may not have the means to pay for your goods and services and may shop elsewhere.

Turn browsers into buyers

By removing cash restrictions, you can convert more browsers into buyers. So your customers could end up spending more.

Increase impulse spending

The average order value of your customers paying by card is higher than those paying by cash. Cards will encourage impulse purchases as customers are not limited to the cash in their pockets.

Convenience and peace of mind


Less cash handling

Feel more secure knowing there is less cash on site.

Instant authorisation

With card payments you receive instant authorisation from the bank that funds are being sent directly to your bank account.

Reduced bank charges

With less cash and cheques to deposit, your business can enjoy fewer bank fees.

More time to run your business

With less visits to the bank, you have more time to focus on what really matters, running your business.

Choose the right card machine for your business

We provide a range of high quality card machines that are perfectly suited for small and medium businesses. All of our debit and credit card machines are robust, fast and meet the latest security standards.They also come with an extended warranty and free next day replacement in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong. We can also set up your credit and debit card machine faster than any other provider in the UK, meaning you can be ready to take cards in days, not weeks.

Our current card machine range

Countertop terminals

Countertop or static card machines are designed for fast, secure and easy transactions. They are configured to be used through either telephone or broadband connections. These are best suited for businesses where card payments are taken directly at the till, which is why they are an ideal model for most retail and service industries. 

Portable terminals

These credit card machines are designed for short range wireless transactions. They use Bluetooth technology to transmit back to a central hub and can be used at a range of up to 100m. Their portability makes them ideal for restaurants, pubs and bars where table service is required, or in much larger retail environments.

Mobile terminals

These terminals are designed for businesses that need to take payments on the move. Using GPRS mobile broadband technology they can process transactions immediately from anywhere in the UK. This is the perfect credit card machine for merchants who trade outdoors, on the go, or at various locations across the country


We can provide your business everything you need to start selling online, and have it all set up and ready to go within 24 hours.

From a merchant account and payment gateway, to a shopping cart and merchant management system, we can provide you with all you need to turn your website into a web store in no time at all.

We're the only UK card processing provider to offer businesses a same day e-commerce setup solution, so if getting ready to sell quickly and securely is important, you're in the right place.

Take payments by phone, fax or mail with a virtual terminal

A virtual terminal is an online version of a chip & PIN machine. This payment solution provides your business with an easy way to accept and process payments when your customers are not present. It is an ideal solution for businesses who take card payments over the phone, by fax or mail.

A guide to using a virtual terminal

How the virtual terminal works

Getting started is a fast and simple process. There is no technical integration necessary. We provide you with a secure web page that acts as your virtual terminal. When taking a payment, simply log in online and key in your customer’s details as prompted. We then process the transaction and funds are deposited into your account.

The benefits of using a virtual terminal


Simple set up

Getting set up to use a virtual terminal couldn’t be easier and requires no technical knowledge or expertise on your part.

Fast and secure

The virtual terminal is just as quick as a regular card machine meaning that card transactions will be authorised in just seconds leaving you time to run your business.

Increased cash flow

With customer payments processed quickly, you’ll enjoy improved cash flow meaning you can manage your business budget more effectively.

Management reports

The terminal will keep track of all of your transactions allowing you to monitor card payment details online. This makes doing your accounts a lot easier and all of the information is stored securely and protected by password.

Multiple users

If you have several people in your business taking orders at one time then you give allow extra users access to the terminal at no extra cost



Service excellence

We offer friendly and knowledgeable UK based support.

Secure and reliable

We offer the highest level of security and reliability. Our systems are Tier-1 PCI compliant and we provide free 3D secure processing.

Quick setup

With a dedicated account manager and a simple application process you can be up and running in days.

Online payment gateways

Our payment gateway allows your business to accept online card payments securely and efficiently. Our trusted gateway systems are the most reliable in the industry, with a record of 100% uptime. We offer our payment gateway services at the lowest cost in the UK.

What is an online payment gateway?

A payment gateway acts as an online version of a Chip & PIN machine. It is through the gateway that your card payments are processed and authorised. Customers enter their card details on your site and via the payment gateway these details are passed on to us for security checks and authorisation.




Our systems are the most reliable in the industry. We are the only provider with a record of zero downtime. We host our servers across multiple locations to prevent an outage.



We offer the highest level of security with Tier-1 PCI compliant systems. We provide you with a free anti-fraud package and 3D secure processing. We also offer your business free PCI for the first year.


Simple Integration

We offer full integration support and fully maintained shopping cart-plug ins. We have modules for over 30 shopping carts including:

  • CubeCart
  • csCart
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Virtuemart
  • ZenCart


Want to know more about our business and the services we provide? Learn more about our company's origins and dedicated team. Get detailed information on our solutions and services. We're looking forward to serving you! 

Tap and pay cards leaving shoppers open to fraud, but there is a simple solution. New research from Which? has revealed contactless cards, which allow you to tap and pay without entering a Pin, are leaving users vulnerable to fraud. The consumer group found someone standing close by to someone with a contactless enabled card can easily ‘lift’ sensitive account details using card readers readily available online. However, Which? says this can be prevented by wrapping your wallet lining or individual card in tin foil, as this can deflect the reader and shield the card, even when a crook is in close range. A more refined metal card holder, available from retailers like Amazon, will also do the trick. Which? also suggests taking the card you wish to make a payment with out of your purse or wallet in order to avoid mishaps like paying twice or with the wrong one. There are now 58 million contactless cards in circulation in the UK, which allow transactions up to £20 without a Pin. How it was tested Which? tested 10 cards (six debit, four credit) provided by a group of volunteers. From there, it was just case of buying an ‘easily obtainable’ reader and downloading free software. The reader was able to remotely pick up the card number and expiry date from all 10 cards along with limited details from previous transactions, though none revealed the security (CVV) code on the back. This method of data theft was first reported two years ago, according to Richard Koch of the UK Cards Association, adding that you can only get information that’s on front of the card, such as the card number and expiry date. He says that for the majority of retailers you’d need the security code and the cardholder’s address to make a fraudulent purchase online, neither of which can be accessed electronically. Worryingly, this didn’t matter in some cases as the Which? researchers were able to make purchases without that all-important CVV code. Two items were bought, including a £3,000 TV from a mainstream online shop. What’s more, they were using a fake name and address as well as stolen card details. Minimal risk The UK Cards Association says that although contactless encryption levels have increased, it’s still possible for cards to be read remotely. From 1st September, the contactless transaction limit will rise to £30. However, online transactions have an unlimited transaction amount as they are not contactless so web purchases are more liable to be made fraudulently. According to the most recent statistics, the amount of money lost to fraud is 0.7p for every £100 spent on contactless – less than on non-contactless cards overall. There’s full protection against fraud losses on contactless cards anyway. Your provider will refund money lost through fraudulent contactless payments, as long as you have acted reasonably to keep your card safe. article published on BT website 
As a small business owner you clearly love your business and what it does, otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.  But at some point you will want your customers to pay for your products or services. So how can you make sure this money comes in when it should? Emily Coltman FCA, Chief Accountant to FreeAgent – who provide the UK’s market-leading online accounting system specifically designed for small businesses and freelancers – gives her five top invoicing tips to help you collect your dues. Invoice promptly Don’t be embarrassed about sending invoices to your customers – they don’t expect you to work for nothing.  However, it’s a good idea to make sure you send your invoices regularly – perhaps by setting aside an hour every week to dedicate to keeping on top your invoicing. If you’re using an online accounting system like FreeAgent, you may also be able to make use of some additional time-saving features like recurring invoice profiles and automatic invoice emails, which could help speed up your invoicing, In addition, look at how you date your invoices.  If you’re registered for VAT, and invoice accounting, dating your invoices the first of a new month rather than the last of the previous month can defer your VAT for three months on to the next return!For example, if you’re preparing your VAT returns to March, June, September and December each year, and you’re invoice accounting, an invoice dated 31st June will go on your 31st June VAT return – but if that invoice is dated 1st July, it will go on the 30th September VAT return, deferring the VAT payment for three months! Get your VAT right If you sell your products or services abroad, or if you’re in the process of registering for VAT, be particularly careful with your VAT invoices. For example, you may be able to zero-rate some sales of goods outside the UK, and if you’re selling services to business customers who belong in the EU, these sales could be outside the scope of UK VAT. If you’re in the process of registering for VAT, remember that you’ll have to charge VAT on all your sales made after your registration date.  HMRC recommend that you increase your prices by 20% from this date to allow for this.  If you don’t, but instead send your customers a “VAT-only invoice” at a later date, HMRC can’t confirm that your customer would actually have to pay this invoice! Make sure that you ask for – and receive – the right amount of money from your customers, and ensure you pay the correct amount of tax to HMRC in order to avoid fines and interest charges. Put bank details on your invoices You’ll have the cash a lot earlier if your customers pay you online than if they send you a cheque which you then have to remember to take to the bank… Put your bank account name, account number and sort code on your invoices, then your customers will be easily able to pay you online. Or, if you’re using an online accounting system to send your invoices, could you add a payment link to a service like GoCardless or PayPal – giving your customers an even easier way to pay you? Finally, have you considered whether you should stop accepting payment by cheque?  This not only involves a lot of extra paperwork and admin, but cheques can bounce! Invoice in your customer’s currency If you’re selling to customers outside the UK, how easy is it for them to pay you in £ sterling?  Might they incur charges from their bank if they have to do that – and could that put them off buying from you again? You could make it more easy for your customers to pay you by invoicing them in their own currency. Use automatic reminders Once you’ve made sure the VAT is right, put your bank details on, and issued the invoice to your customer – check that they pay it! Credit control (which is accounting-speak for chasing your customers for payment), is time-consuming if you have to ring round everyone who is late paying you.  Consider instead using automatic invoice reminders, like the ones that FreeAgent generates – or use an online invoicing tool like Invoice-o-matic, which will send you an email once the payment deadline on your invoice has passed, to remind you to chase up late payers. It’s important to make sure your customers pay you for the work you’ve done, and following these tips should help you collect your dues more easily! Emily Coltman FCA is Chief Accountant to FreeAgent, who provide the UK’s market-leading online accounting system specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses and freelancers. Try it for free at
Small and medium businesses have been recognised with a number of helpful financial measures in the chancellor’s Autumn Statement. The first of these is a promise to increase the amount of capital it offers Enterprise Capital Funds by £400m. These funds invest heavily in small and medium businesses and so this should provide businesses with a much needed boost. This chimes nicely with the The Bank of England and HM Treasury’s decision to extend the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) for a one year, providing lenders with certainty over the availability of affordable funding needed to support lending to smaller companies. As well as extending support to lenders, the government said that it would also guarantee a further £500m of direct bank lending for small businesses under the Enterprise Finance Guarantee. Both funding initiatives will be overseen by the British Business Bank, a development bank set up to cater to the specific needs of UK enterprise. The Business Bank has already supported £829m of new lending to smaller business and over 35,000 firms have benefited from the bank’s programmes. In total, £10bn will be unlocked over the next five years for smaller businesses. Further small business benefits announced by the chancellor: “To support small businesses in local communities, the ‘high street discount’ for around 300,000 shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants will go up from £1,000 to £1,500, from April 2015 to March 2016. “This is in addition to doubling Small Business Rate Relief for a further year which means 380,000 of the smallest businesses will pay no rates at all. “The government will also continue to cap the annual increase in business rates at 2% from April 2015 to March 2016 – this will benefit all businesses paying business rates. “Finally, the government will extend the transitional arrangements for smaller properties that would otherwise face significant bill increases due to the ending of ‘transitional rate relief.”
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